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That was awesome!

You are both very talented artists, the lyrics were creative and well sung (more than I can say for most NG raps)! The mastering and beat were great as well.

Rucklo responds:

glad ya like it man!! :D

Ohh yes...

This is awesome. Simply, irrevocably awesome. Everybody did such a great job with their parts, and the main tie-in was perfect. Looking forward to the other two!


Definitely has that A Beautiful Lotus vibe to it. As in, the unmastered, make-your-ears-bleed vibe. Still good for what it is, though.

Absolutely Outstanding

This is a good example of a song that can pull off many measures of repetition without ever getting boring. How much was the mastering job?

hopeku responds:

Only 30 bucks!

Worth the shot!


Still love it

Y'know, I'm kind of glad we're not using this for the start of the project. It would have made every song after it sound like crap by comparison!

Fun and Intense

The arpeggiated synth and the bass sound pretty cool. The only thing I have to complain about is the lack of mastering - all it takes is a little master compression! I guess that's what the "(Raw)" part is for. Good job on the song!

DeatHTaX responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I just put the raw part up so i could get some feedback on how i should maybe master the track, or things to take out/add in. But hey, thanks for your review. I really appreciate it.

Fun to listen to!

Like the others have said, it's catchy catchy catchy! The progression was captivating, and the synth was airy but not too squeaky in tone. The drums were good; only complaint there is that there was only one drum-fill. I gotta say, your little voice parts in 2:11 and 3:54 were kinda cool! There are some artists who wouldn't have the guts to put their own voice into their work (myself included :P).

I kind of feel weird asking this, but why don't you go take a quick look at my page? That would be very nice of you :)

Anyway, Nice Job!

DeejayDeeZ responds:

Thank you very much for your review.

And since you wrote that awesome review, I will take a look at your page right away :D

-Deejay DeeZ

Great Songwriting

If I had to choose a complaint, I'd say that the out-of-tune bass sounded a little odd (through that was probably deliberate) and the resonance on the synth didn't match up with the beat sometimes. Other than that, I enjoyed listening. The repetition is used lightly, and the instruments melded together quite nicely.

Sawdust responds:

Thanks man, I've ought to get some lyrics in this some time.

I like it!

It doesn't get repetitive (for me, at least) and sounds like a lot of work was put into it.
The hard bass doesn't get in the way of the other instruments, and the piano and synths meld together quite nicely. Great job on the track! Check out my page if you get a chance. \m/

Great stuff, modem!

Congrats on the front page as well!

modem responds:


Kind of odd that (no ego intended) I seem to nail the front page pretty often with my new stuff, but these tracks get close to no reviews or votes. ;(

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