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Wow! I can feel the rush in this one, great energy.

What's the time sig in this? 6/4?

JessieYun responds:

Hi willKMR,
Thank you very much for the comment!
Ooh, that's was pretty close to what you can hear. But it's a tricky song! It's 4/4.

Very relaxing. Cool tone on synth1!

Mich responds:


Awesome stuff! Chills at 1:40!

Hawking really bares his soul here

Love it

What a great, hilarious sound. I'd probably end up using this for some bloopers video or something if I ever get the chance. Awesome job, sorohanro and friends

Timohi responds:

Thanks :)
hope you'll participate to the remix contest, will be on this song ;)

You breathe life into 3xOsc!

Great track here Rig, I'm really enjoying this :)

Rig responds:

Thanks! I, too, am enjoying this.

Why? Because we can!

Great line, whoever thought of that originally must be a freakin' genius!

Mich responds:

The man below you thought of that line. :p
Glad you liked it!

Great melody, but a bit muddy

First of all, it's a great arrangement and the tune is insanely catchy. However, just because it's retro doesn't mean you can't mix a little! All of the sounds are clashing together into a huge mess of noise, which doesn't sit well on the ears and distracts from the rest of the song. Give it a little volume mixing and especially focus on panning some sounds away from the central point.

5/5, 8/10

TakeTheBait responds:

Thanks for the review, Stupor. As of 1/26/10 I remastered the track and it sounded much better. Panning is something that I didn't do however, it's a great idea and can really make an 8bit track, thanks for the suggestion I'll be sure to use it in future songs or maybe even revisit this one!

Great dub

The selling point of dubstep is the bass - rich, growly, and distorted with the LFO going wild throughout the song. That, plus some half-time electronic drums and a few effects will make a dubstep song, though creativity won't hurt either :P

Here's a great example:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK QUVhiri_k

Quarl responds:

Thanks sir! :)

Funky, Lounge-y feel

You captured the funk-house genre pretty well, in my opinion. The marimba-esque synth worked perfectly with the song, and the others added to the experience. The drums were good, but the synths almost completely drowned them out at many points. Other than that, nice work!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah, the synths were very fairly drowned out, I noticed. However, I do like it how it is. :D

Thanks for the comments!

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