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This is impressive stuff! Keep it up and you might have a promising future on this site dude

KawaiSprite responds:

i hope to do pretty well here i love newgwounds hehe

Clearly your prog rock roots can be applied to any style of music, it shines in this sickass acid jazz! I was laughing my ass off at the inhumanly fast sax solo, but you know what? You explained in the story that it's a robot, so there ya go.

Mackievellian responds:

Thanks for the review my dude, I'm glad it could give you a laugh

This is amazing! Especially the mix - mixing a song like this is tough and you made sure every instrument gets its own space. And the playing is top notch. 10/10 I want to see you live!

3lation responds:

Thank you!

KK's been getting singing lessons from Boyfriend

milkypossum responds:

Nah K.K. is the blueprint. K.K. walked so boyfriend could run

Fun and great mix! There we go!

Burner98 responds:

We dit it !!! Thank you very much Will =]


Hey, that's Take 5!

I love your compositions dude. Will say though, I personally feel like the ones I've heard sit in a weird gray area between chiptune and not. They have a really narrow mix and choice of instruments/drums that evoke chiptune, but none of the limitation. I think I'd like to see you either a) get into Famitracker and embrace the true 4-channel chiptune workflow or b) stick to the synth sound, but expand and widen your mixes, both horizontally (more stereo width) and vertically (deeper bass, higher highs, fuller frequency spread).

Keep it up!

Burner98 responds:

Hello, Will, glad you like my work.
Thank you very much for your criticism, it's much appreciated (and I agree with all of it).
These "8-bit style tracks" are indeed not true chiptune as I've never bothered to learn tracker software (was intimidated by the interface), I've resorted to basic synthesizer sounds for the 8-bit "illusion", and also using bitcrushed drum samples for the rhythm part. Basically it's 8-bit sounds but not 8-bit music as it's all done in FL20, generally unmixed (the limiter is shielding my ears from a bad mix).

As a fun tidbit, I usually write my melodies this way and if it sounds good I move on to higher quality VSTs (M1, Wavestation, Diva) and take the time to mix and master, otherwise I just shelf it or lazily mix it for Newgrounds to test the waters.

Thank you !


This is fun! Love the exploration of chords and odd melodies.

I did find it a little hard to follow, and my advice would be to work towards a stronger sense of direction in both writing and mixing.

Writing-wise, the song doesn't seem to move between states, e.g. loud/quiet, simple/complex, but kinda stays in a place of fun chaos. The chords also bounce around a little aimlessly. Once the drums started changing up in the second half I was really starting to get lost.

Mixing-wise, there's not really anything in front for us to focus on -- all the elements, especially the flute/keys and slap bass, are in the front competing for attention. If the flute is the main focus for a section, the slap bass can ride quieter in the back and still be fun.

Just my two cents -- and all those little issues come about because of the fun you're having and the interesting stuff you're exploring! Keep at it!

Burner98 responds:

Thank you very much for your comment, your criticism is much appreciated ! =]


Everybody voting less than 5 on this is a Devin.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

on god

Thriftman responds:

fr fr

Your passion and vulnerability are what makes you a truly great artist. Heavy kudos for this one.

Troisnyx responds:

Aaaaaa 😭💖 That's incredibly high praise. Thank you so much.

Well this is cute AF.

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Well, that was very nice to hear, indeed! I am glad you liked this track, so thank you, buddy!

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