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This is fun! Love the exploration of chords and odd melodies.

I did find it a little hard to follow, and my advice would be to work towards a stronger sense of direction in both writing and mixing.

Writing-wise, the song doesn't seem to move between states, e.g. loud/quiet, simple/complex, but kinda stays in a place of fun chaos. The chords also bounce around a little aimlessly. Once the drums started changing up in the second half I was really starting to get lost.

Mixing-wise, there's not really anything in front for us to focus on -- all the elements, especially the flute/keys and slap bass, are in the front competing for attention. If the flute is the main focus for a section, the slap bass can ride quieter in the back and still be fun.

Just my two cents -- and all those little issues come about because of the fun you're having and the interesting stuff you're exploring! Keep at it!

Burner98 responds:

Thank you very much for your comment, your criticism is much appreciated ! =]


Everybody voting less than 5 on this is a Devin.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

on god

Thriftman responds:

fr fr

Your passion and vulnerability are what makes you a truly great artist. Heavy kudos for this one.

Troisnyx responds:

Aaaaaa 😭💖 That's incredibly high praise. Thank you so much.

Well this is cute AF.

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Well, that was very nice to hear, indeed! I am glad you liked this track, so thank you, buddy!

Oh dang, this is really good. This is done on a Switch?? I gotta look up Korg Gadget. It sounds like you played this live!

ThatAndyGuy responds:

Hey, thanks! And yes please look it up! The more people on gadget, the better!

Having Troisnyx as your first guest is a podcast rite of passage!

AkioDaku responds:

I know right, I feel very lucky. Plus I feel like she carried the entire thing, 😅 I'm still in awe of how well she speaks.

Troisnyx responds:

Ah yes, I fondly remember Grounds Patrol. ^_^

Yes yes yes yes! I love every second. This is for a game?? Killer!

stardew responds:

yep! this is for a puzzle game called "gem setter." you can find it here: https://1f1n1ty.itch.io/gem-setter

For some reason this is striking me as "If Hatsune Miku spent a week listening to nothing but White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane".

Fun and funky and original! But I have to say, the high-register Vocaloid hurt my brain a bit.

The-Neu responds:

Thank you very much!

Were you calling us tots or thots?

DOGL responds:

ill leave that 4 u 2 decide

Wow! I can feel the rush in this one, great energy.

What's the time sig in this? 6/4?

JessieYun responds:

Hi willKMR,
Thank you very much for the comment!
Ooh, that's was pretty close to what you can hear. But it's a tricky song! It's 4/4.

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