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WHAAATTT??? This blew my mind! Amazing animation, shot composition, transitions, music, PALETTE, okay this was really special. Fantastic job and glad you finished it!

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you will. I'm glad you think so

What a cute and heartfelt lil story. I love the mouse. I love the fact that the blue ball character only eats blueberries. I loved the piano. You did a great job, dude!

Dylz49 responds:

Thank you so much!

10/10 this put a rock in my head.

MaxJohnsonINK responds:

Thank you friend, happy to hear it! Hope it guides you well.

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Happy 32nd birthday lil dude!

Played the full game with friends a couple of months ago, lovely and amazing. I recommend the full game to anyone who has fun with the demo!

YWainczak responds:

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The lamb saag needed a bit of coriander but the service was great!

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Love the castanets and the tango rhythm, not to mention the solos, keep it up!

This is impressive stuff! Keep it up and you might have a promising future on this site dude

KawaiSprite responds:

i hope to do pretty well here i love newgwounds hehe

Clearly your prog rock roots can be applied to any style of music, it shines in this sickass acid jazz! I was laughing my ass off at the inhumanly fast sax solo, but you know what? You explained in the story that it's a robot, so there ya go.

Mackievellian responds:

Thanks for the review my dude, I'm glad it could give you a laugh

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Any projects you've been thinkin bout doing? Webcomic, etc? Could partner with someone and make something with a Patreon attached!

MatthewLopz responds:

bro i gotta partner with more people but projects don't come that easily on their own and i'm not sure who i should reach out to!

i'm waiting for a couple of music artists to hit me up for some cover art but i'm still waiting, also gotta get back into doing the tarot cards that's still on the back burner, but i really wanna push my commission work to the music industry niche, and to a certain extent i'm already part of it...

but not that much haha.

PNG's not gonna be so cheery when he meets the new kid in class .EXR

Blue dog is moved by this piece.

Dogmintz responds:

I don't blame him, it's a very emotional piece of art

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