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Why I'm passing the torch at NGP

Posted by Will - May 20th, 2021

After over a year of helping run and grow @TheNewgroundsPodcast, I'm sad to say I have to be away for a while.

The reason is pretty standard life stuff: I've just finally settled into a permenent living situation and scored a regular job, but said regular job isn't working out -- the managers are disappearing, I'm getting in fights with the current supervisors, my work hours are slipping away, it turned out to be a super loud environment and is killing my voice, blah blah et cetera. Which means I've gotta put serious time into finding a new job, WHILE riding out this old one, AND doing freelance work to keep the wallet full. NGP's gotta be off my to-do list, because right now I can't contribute in any way that's fair to the guys.

I'm stepping down to our "Regular" role, which means I'll still be on the show some, but much less routinely and on a less formal basis. More importantly, it takes me out of the central group of people who keep the show running every week with recording times, segments, guests, edited episodes and special events.

Now that I'm gone, the current hosts will start working on bringing someone else into the mix. This new host will be someone who not only slays at the microphone and charms the heck out of guests, but also has the time and vision to contribute regularly to NGP's leadership and keep growing the show to its full potential. I'm kind of excited to see who's dorky and handsome enough to fill my BIG MASSIVE SHOES. Yeah, I said it.

Sidenote on that: We're not currently holding an open call on hosts, so at this point I ask that you don't message us about being the new fourth person. As I always say to anyone eager to contribute, the best way to be on the show is to let us champion YOUR amazing content or community event.

Will I be coming back? Well, I'm not completely leaving, but the true answer is "we'll see". Life is weird, it has a habit of going in different directions really really quickly, and over the last few years I've gotten used to having no mother-f-in idea where I'm gonna be next.

If you want to stay abreast of how NGP proceeds from here, make sure you're following it on NG and Twitter, and make even more sure you're part of its bustling and super-fun Discord server. And if you're curious about my own journey from here, I'd love it if you followed my own Twitter @willKMR as well.

I'm so amazingly proud of NGP. It's grown so far past what @GoodL and I originally thought it would be. I'm proud to say I can step down from my admin role and know in my heart it'll keep going, strong as ever.

As the robot announcer lady loves to say:





Goodbye Will

Will miss you man

Take care, and I hope you find a better job someday.

Big shoes. Huge shoes. Ridiculously oversized shoes. Size 1000 shoes. Big ass dum shoes. Shoes wow so shoes. How are shoes big shoes. Has anyone ever really been far as decided shoes. What-a-shoe! Shoe-er? I hardly know shoes! Shooooooe-wee! Shoetacular shoes. That's numbershoe. Shoe fly, get out of shoes. Shoes so hard they call me shoes-so-hard. Let's get some shoes. Mass shoetings. Electric shoegaloo. Shoe me once, shame on me, shoe me twice, shame on shoe. Shoe-p-da-woop. Shoe-p there it is. Drink shoe-sta cola. Shoe. Go shoe-rty, it's your shoeday. Now That's What I Call Shoes 69. Kids Shoes 999. Yo mama's so shoes. Yeah, I wear S.H.O.E.S.
S - Shoes
H - Shoes
O - Shoes
E - Shoes
S - uhhhhh... shoe-t what was I trying to say...

bye will, i'll miss ya!!

Thank you for all of your work, Will! You must do one last favor for us and record your best Arnold Schwarzenegger “I WILL be back.” Best wishes, man.

is this good https://voca.ro/1oC1UPJeZkjp

Although I haven't got the chance to know you, I hope you well in your journey towards reality...

the ngp won't be the same without you, but you left it in good hands. may you prosper in life, will

Bye wiiilll see you at some future block party maybe!
Love ya!

you'd better be there!


This will be the second time a father figure has left me :(

just left the show to get smokes. i promise i'm coming right back.

I wonder who is big enough to fill those shoes...
big chu- (gets flung by a powerful force, sending me flying to the other side of the room)

Good luck man, I think bringin up the newgrounds podcast idea and keeping an open mind was great. Hope things work out.

Thank you for everything you've brought and keep bringing to the show!


@Will my jacket has plenty of room for new pins to win! ;^D

I just realized this makes me the senior host now.... not just because I'm old... I didn't ask for this responsibility!!!!

You're the grizzled NGP vet now. You've seen it all.

Take care dude, best of luck

Easy come easy go.. take it easy will, and thanks for giving the crickets a run for their money

Please, they stomped me

@NickSenny @Will Absolutely stellar, auuuggg aauuugg govenaaugh

Will!! I will miss ya, I hope that the future turns for the best for you!!

im going miss you man

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