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Long time no log

2012-09-26 02:37:58 by Will

I'm still alive.

Spamtheweb Spreader

2010-05-28 16:16:17 by Will



2009-12-25 21:52:18 by Will

In South East Asia.

New site cancelled

2009-05-29 09:49:31 by Will

The people making our new site just pulled out and said they are going to make it for themselves. I'm not going to mention who they are but they pissed me right off.

EDIT: Hired a programmer to do it ASAP. The original coder of the site! Supperbas!
He's awesome.

SpamTheWeb User System

2008-12-06 09:07:43 by Will

So if i make a user system, who would use it?
You could add friends,
Make private uploads that you can lock people from seeing (and unlock), make a password protection, or just have it not able to find in the search.
Private uploads are only available if you log - in (AJAX).
Public uploads are still available to everyone, but they will be seen by everyone.

Subscribe to other friends when they upload stuff, have a userpage, and all that good stuff.
Anyone interested in that?
We now have a user system able to make private uploads, delete uploads and make them password protected.
We are about half way through, and will probably be finished in around before christmas!

Awesome, huh?


2008-10-20 15:54:42 by Will


Goodbye. On MSN if needed.

2008-09-27 16:54:51 by Will


I'm leaving NG forums.
I guess this is goodbye to the few people that actually appreciated my posts, I am leaving because of the mods basically, and how they ban you for the smallest of mistakes, I feel like I have to keep to strict guidelines. I can't use all capitals, I can't mention any funny meme, I cant post a womans ankle without getting banned, I would just rather go somewhere else. I met alot of good people whom I will still speak to. I had a good time.
I will come back only if it is related to STW, which I will keep up obviously.


Hello World

2008-09-22 05:54:23 by Will

Hello, i'm learning things. Are you?

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I Suck At News Posting

2008-07-26 09:12:32 by Will

Just listen to this youtube video, i agree with everything said.

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Yay, Redesign! (STW)

2008-01-10 15:34:45 by Will

SpamTheWeb redesign is done. I actually did another one which was pretty crap. Put it on the site, and was like "This isn't working", took it off, worked my ass off all night and came up with the one i have now : D. It's a little glitchy but i'm working on it. Check the news posts and stuff to see more updated news. Hoping to get forums up next too. :)

I wanna give a big shout out to UnknownFury, AKA Will. He has helped me alot recently through a range of things and i thank him :).
Yeah i think thats about it. Happy New Year.